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Trailer Park Boys (season 11)

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The main characters of this project are a trio of guys who live in a small trailer park that is in Sunnyvale. The guys use a great idea that was designed by ordinary school children who lived in Nova Scotia. The main characters shot a simple low-budget film that was able to collect very impressive ratings. Who would have thought that the creators would be required to continue the story. Nothing remains except to start shooting again. As a result, a black and white film was not just a good project, but also a brilliant find for the entire film industry.

Country: CA
Release date: 2001-04-21
Cast: , , , ,
Runtime: 22 min
Language: EN

Other seasons of this show:

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Episode 1
S11E01 - The Jack Your Cock Furry Whore Slut

Episode 2
S11E02 - The Walker Zombley

Episode 3
S11E03 - My Fucking Balls, My Cock, My Hole, or My Tits?

Episode 4
S11E04 - Darth Lahey

Episode 5
S11E05 - Flight of the Bumblecock

Episode 6
S11E06 - How Do You Keep Your Bag So Soft?

Episode 7
S11E07 - I Look Like A FUCKING DICK!!

Episode 8
S11E08 - A Liquor Captain Never Abandons a Sinking Shit Ship

Episode 9
S11E09 - Oh, My Fuck Boys, We Killed Lahey & Randy

Episode 10
S11E10 - The All You Can Eat Shit Buffet

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