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Hello, TELLYBITS.com user!

There are tons of TV shows on the site. But it is not the limit 🙂 Just write in the comment here what you want us to add and we will add it!


  1. Felicitie

    hey. I cant find Westside? could you please copy the link here.


  2. Felicitie

    were you able to re- upload Suits Season 7 E3?

    • telly


  3. Salman

    Please upload “Boy Meets World”.

    • telly

      Do you mean some certain season or all seasons?

  4. Felicitie

    So this is probably a massive ask but I’m after a heap of kids episodes for work, I’m wanting anything really, from Peppa pig to hey duggy, Paw patrol, Dora, Playschool, Go Jetters, even other ones, I’m not sure if you know many kids shows but I can give you more of a list, its so when we are working with kids they can watch the TV and YouTube is hopeless for full episodes that aren’t peppa pig, I’m a dental assisistant. lol.

    if you don’t have the time or aren’t interested please let me know, please don’t hesitate to say no. I just thought id ask cause the worse you can say is no, right?! =).


    • telly

      Yes, we can upload the animation series. Please, provide the list of series you want and we will upload them gradually, one or two seasons per day.

  5. Felicitie

    Suits S7E3 doesn’t work. I tried both links.

  6. Doug

    Please load Any seasons of GLEE (FOX).

    • telly

      We will upload it in coming days

      • Doug

        Thank you for the work so far!

        • telly

          You are always welcome. We plan to upload all seasons of GLEE.

  7. B

    Can you please upload the mighty med series?

  8. Felicitie

    Could you please upload all of izombie please.

  9. richard van dijk

    The series underground S02E09 Episode 9 that comes with you is a whole different one

    Can you make the right thing ??

    • telly


  10. Felicitie

    can you please upload all seasons of Sanctuary

  11. Ruthie

    Can you please add all season of Greek in mp4?

    • telly

      Will be uploaded in coming days

    • telly


  12. Felicitie

    could you please upload Westside season 2 & 3

    • telly

      The third season starts on July 10, 2017. We will upload it. The second season will be uploaded soon.

  13. Felicitie

    could you please upload Nashville S1-4.

  14. Jaya

    DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 1)

  15. Felicitie

    Would love heartland please, i know there is a season 10 but is there an 11 yet?

  16. Doug

    We missed the last few seasons of GLEE ( as I guess many others did as well- leading to the fade away)

    The series is great, but the last 2 seasons would be cool to see

  17. flonx01

    could you add Hunter Street from Nickelodeon ?


  18. luna

    can you add school of rock tv series from nickelodeon?

  19. Rik

    I am looking for the Sentinel tv series. the main character is Detective James Ellison who has super senses. This seems to be very hard to find.

    • telly

      We will try to find it

    • telly

      Please, wait several days

      • Rik

        awesome.. its slow in downloading.. but i guess i can get an episode one at a time, but eventually I will be able to watch them.. thanks

        • telly

          If you want higher download you should purchase premium access on DepFile.com

  20. Sally

    Ex on the beach season 5 and 6 pleaseeeeee

  21. Paul

    Hi, you have done well with my requests – very happy.

    But still no reply on if you can provide seasons 1 to 6 for Still Standing [American sit com].
    Would really like to see them in full, please.

    • telly

      We will upload Still Standing in a short time

  22. CH

    Please add season 5 and season 6 of Ex on the beach.

  23. Nikki

    You have Netflix’s Ingobernable listed as coming soon. Do you have an ATA yet?

  24. C

    Hi, I really want Season 5 and Season 6 of Ex on The Beach, please upload as soon as possible. Thank you

  25. HX

    Is it okay if upload Ex On The Beach season 1 to Season 6? Thank you so much. Really want to watch the show.

    • telly


      • HX

        Please upload as soon as possible, really want to watch the all 6 seasons.

        • telly

          Seasons 1 and 2 will be in 4 hours

          • HX

            Left with season 5 and season 6. 😀

  26. Felicitie

    Could you please add the secret life of an American teenager all 6 seasons

    • telly


  27. yansp_h

    the legend takes new life Dracula ?

  28. Ben

    Thank you for a wonderful site and a great collection of entertainment.

    I humbly request the tv series “Spotless” be added to your list.

    Please and thank you,

    • telly


      • Ben

        Thank you!!
        It is awesome that you take the requests seriously and come through.

        Awesome site.

  29. Ech

    hi can u add Greyson Chance’s deocumentary tv series, The Drop from fullscreen and Chasing Cameron from netflix?

    • telly


  30. Mary

    Hi, my Children grew up watching “The Elephant Show,” the main characters were Sharon, Lois and Bram.
    Now they have Children and are ready to watch the show too. Can you possibly find the Show and add it to the list? Probably aired in the early 1980’s.
    Thank you! : )

    • telly

      Hello. It is very hard to find this show. We will keep finding.

      • Mary

        Thank you, I know it is outdated but it is a classic!

  31. flonx01

    Can you please upload Episode 9 – 12 of Game Shakers Season 2 and Episode 10 of The Thundermans Season 4 ?
    Thank you.

    • telly

      We will upoad Shakers Season 2 Episode 9 – 12 as soon as they will be available. Wait a little for The Thundermans S04E10.

  32. Mary

    Can you add all Seasons and Episodes of the TV show “The Waltons” ?

    • telly

      We will upload it in a near future.

  33. Mary

    “The Adventures of the Black Stallion” (The Family Channel) that was aired in 1990-1993?

    • Mary

      Thanks a whole bunch for your time and patience regarding all the requests that are sent to you…really appreciate it!!

      • telly

        Thank you too.

    • telly

      It is hard to find this series. But we will try our best to upload it. Please, wait some time.

  34. Lawrence Catania

    Murdoch Mysteries all seasons please

    • telly


  35. Mary

    Can you please add the adventures of the Black Stallion, one of the characters include Micky Rooney.

    please and thank you!

  36. Mary

    Can you add all Seasons and Episodes of the TV show “The Waltons” ?

    Please and Thank you!

  37. MAG


    • telly


  38. Darrell

    Smallville Seasons 1-8

  39. Flo

    Please add The Thundermans Season 1 – 3

    • telly

      We willl upload it in a short time

  40. arthur

    The Cafe – Series 2 (UK Sky)

  41. Mary

    Hi, can you add Little House on The Prairie and Black Stallion? Thank You!

    • telly

      Hi! Do you mean “The Adventures of the Black Stallion” (The Family Channel) that was aired in 1990-1993?

      • Mary

        thanks for adding the tv shows i asked for! Awesome!!!

  42. rmn

    please add prison break

  43. svv

    please add The Flash season 1 and 2

  44. Srrayvinya

    Please add Silicon Valley Seasons 1 and 2.

  45. Ezar

    please put in, Gossip Girl and 90210 please.

  46. Awesomee

    Please add The Shannara Chronicles by MTV
    Thank you 😀

  47. tventhusiast

    Hi there! Please post S02E01 of Chewing Gum? x

  48. Yogyata

    Please add season 1,2,3,4 of The mindy’s project

    • telly


  49. Echa

    can u add Chasing Cameron please?

    • telly

      Unfortunately it is hard for us now to find this show. We will do our best searching it.

  50. Jngardin

    Please add Baskets by FX

  51. Grubbs

    Please add The Simpsons, seasons 26 and 27.

      • Grubbs

        Looks like season 27 of the Simpsons is not in english…

        • telly

          We will correct it in a short time

        • telly


          • Grubbs

            Thank you very much. Awesome service!!!

  52. jane

    also please add all seasons of girl meets world?

  53. jane

    all seasons of b99

  54. mills

    please add seasons 1 and 2 of “just add Magic”

  55. Andrew

    Have I Got News For You

  56. Lisa Toft

    Please upload the rest of season 1 of The Collection. It’s excellent! Thank you for an AWESOME, clean site.

  57. Uncle Relic

    Harley and the Davidson’s.

  58. Chris

    Pls add Mr. D season 1

  59. Paul

    Graham Norton Show – Series 20, please

  60. Lucky

    Hi can u please add lostgirl seasons 1,2,3,4

  61. Javaughn Springer

    Please add Comedy Central’s The Legends Of Chamberlain Heights. Thank you very much guys.

  62. Will

    please add sex&drugs&rock&roll season 1

  63. Jonathan Moore

    Hi, what happen with The Grand Tour off Amazon, i was waiting for that one to start.

    • telly

      We and Amazon channel representatives unfortunately have not reach the agreement on placing this show on our web site.

  64. Paul

    Please add Ripper Street (season 4)

  65. Jonathan Moore

    Please can you add Dark Angel on uk itv station

  66. Navjayot

    Please add the walking dead season 7

  67. Bravo

    Please add The 100 show by the CW.

    • telly

      Here is The 100 season 3 . If you want other seasons just let us know.

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