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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (season 7)

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Welcome to view the next season of a funny cartoon about inhabitants of a fairy-tale country. In the center of attention of the plot is beloved by all our viewers Twilight Sparkle. She is the favorite ward of Celestia. The young ruler of the fairy-tale country adores Sparkle, but she is not happy with the fact that she constantly sits at the books. It is necessary to send she to Ponyville, where for the main character is prepared a particularly difficult task, to find friends. Sparke meets with other representatives of the kind of magic poniesthere. Among them are Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie. All of them are so different, but already very fond of the audience!

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Download My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (season 7) episodes:

S07E01 Episode 1
Celestial Advice

S07E02 Episode 2
All Bottled Up

S07E03 Episode 3
A Flurry of Emotions

S07E04 Episode 4
Rock Solid Friendship

S07E05 Episode 5
Fluttershy Leans In

S07E06 Episode 6
Forever Filly

S07E07 Episode 7
Parental Glideance

S07E08 Episode 8
Hard to Say Anything

S07E09 Episode 9
Honest Apple

S07E10 Episode 10
A Royal Problem

S07E11 Episode 11
Not Asking for Trouble

S07E12 Episode 12
Discordant Harmony

S07E13 Episode 13
The Perfect Pear

S07E14 Episode 14
Fame and Misfortune
Will be soon

S07E15 Episode 15
Triple Threat
Will be on 2017-08-19

S07E16 Episode 16
Campfire Tales
Will be on 2017-08-26

S07E17 Episode 17
Daring Done
Will be on 2017-09-02

S07E18 Episode 18
A Health of Information
Will be on 2017-09-09

S07E19 Episode 19
To Change a Changeling
Will be on 2017-09-16

S07E20 Episode 20
It Isnt the Mane Thing About You
Will be on 2017-09-23

S07E21 Episode 21
Once Upon a Zeppelin
Will be on 2017-09-30

S07E22 Episode 22
Marks and Recreation
Will be on 2017-10-07

S07E23 Episode 23
Secrets and Pies
Will be on 2017-10-14

S07E24 Episode 24
Uncommon Bond
Will be on 2017-10-21

S07E25 Episode 25
Shadow Play, Part I
Will be on 2017-10-28

S07E26 Episode 26
Shadow Play, Part II
Will be on 2017-10-28

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