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Henry Danger (season 3)

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The side job like Henry Hart has is just a dream. He is lucky to become an assistant of a super hero Captain Man. The new crime fighter earns as much as nine dollars per hour. He has access to the high tech devices and helps to save the world every day. It is very good for a school boy, isnt it? Henry has a hard time because he has to hide his job from friends and family. In addition, he has often to skip algebra. But brave teenager still feels great. He is going to be a super hero of the century.

Original title: Henry Danger
Country: US
Release date: 2014-07-26
Genres: , ,
Cast: , , ,
Runtime: 25 min
Language: EN

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Download Henry Danger (season 3) episodes:

S03E01 Episode 1
A Fiu00f1ata Full of Death Bugs

S03E02 Episode 2
Love Muffin

S03E03 Episode 3
Scream Machine

S03E04 Episode 4
Mouth Candy

S03E05 Episode 5
The Trouble with Frittles

S03E06 Episode 6
Hour of Power (1)

S03E07 Episode 7
Hour of Power (2)

S03E08 Episode 8
Dodging Danger

S03E09 Episode 9
Double Date Danger

S03E10 Episode 10
Space Invaders (1)

S03E11 Episode 11
Space Invaders (2)

S03E12 Episode 12
Gas or Fail

S03E13 Episode 13
JAM Session

S03E14 Episode 14
License to Fly

S03E15 Episode 15
Green Fingers

S03E16 Episode 16
Stuck in Two Holes


  1. flamer

    Have you tried my comment yet Telly? It may help.

  2. flamer

    Is it out heat I’ve been waiting for TWO WEEKS. PLEASE RELEASE IT AS EARLY AS YOU CAN. PLEASE.

  3. flamer

    You can try and do the comment I justed posted so that you .ca release the next episode because it sometimes work, the only thing that you’ll have to do that will take you forever is to create an account or download or something I hope you post it soon. PLEASE.

  4. flamer

    It has been TWO weeks since and it is still not out anywhere accept for when you go on YouTube you can click links in description and watch but there’s a catch and that is you’ll have download something but you’ll have to create an account whick takes forever. So I hope you post it soon. PLS

  5. Jacob

    Please Release it soon, m still waiting

    • telly

      We will try our best

  6. flamer

    Mr.s Telly when will it be out my?

    • telly

      Unfortunately, it is does not seem possible to find new episodes. We will upload them as soon as they are able to be found. We remember about it and we will message you when the episodes will be available.

  7. Dave

    why isnt JAM session already uploaded yet? its been 3 days since episode was released from nickelodeon

    • telly

      Please, wait a little. We will upload it in a short time.

      • Dave

        theres nowhere on the internet that has it uploaded. ive searched everywhere & no-one has released it at all & they havent released green fingers either. its frustrating to get 2 episodes that i cant get

    • flamer

      I’ve also searched it all of the website’s and not even a single one. I hope it gets out soon since it has been released for two weeks now.

      • Dave

        i hope JAM session & green fingers both get released soon but i reckon the only place that may have these 2 episodes is most likely iTunnes. its been almost 1 week since both episodes were released by nickelodeon

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