The plot of the series describes the town, which one day covers a fog of inexplicable origin. Residents of the town are in confusion and fear, because out of this darkness strange monsters come out. But only one group of people who find themselves in the same room, defies the otherworldly forces.

The central character in the story is Vernon Brownmule. He was a popular singer, his name was known among fans of musical compositions in country style. But fame and success are a thing of the past. Almost twenty years ago, Vernon Brownmule left the stage, he preferred an idle way of life to a musical career. The singer began to abuse alcohol, acquired a scandalously known reputation. But when he was bored with such a life, and he realized that it was time to settle down, he decided to return to the scene in a new way for the famous singer Elvis Presley. Travel to Nevada ended in tragedy, Brownmule, being in a state of intoxication, failed to manage the car and collided with the building of the church! As a punishment, he expects public works. Brownmule does not want to work, he tries to avoid this punishment and the idea comes to his head that he is the new abbot of the church!

You certainly knew these superheroes. The main characters of this project are representatives of the world of superheroes. They once in a single-handed defense of close and dear people, as well as their city from scoundrels and criminals. Who would have thought that their meeting would forever change the world. The main characters unite and become a united team, which begins its struggle against the super villains, who do not slumber. The task of scoundrels is to capture New York and become rich, who can buy the whole world for money. However, they are confronted by the familiar to the audience Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, the series about which you could see earlier.

Georgina has dated a guy named Constantine for a long time. Soon, their dates escalated into something bigger. The main heroine got an offer from a rich suitor. After that, a great wedding was. It seems that Georginas life is made. She has everything, loved one, a lot of money, party circuit and many more. In addition, the main heroine often rests on Riviera where she likes to spend free time much more.

Another world exists. You just take a closer look, you just make few steps and you will be chosen one who will meet marvelous things. But another world is not a good place. There are magical creatures and demons who fight for power. The blood flows like water here. The war never ends here. Llife costs nothing here.

Modern television has given a lot of interesting and various detective stories to viewers. In this series, we meet a young detective girl who investigates in her own way and unfold the crimes in the most extraordinary way. It does not matter what happened because the girl always make a decision to put herself on the place of the victim. To solve the case it is necessary to connect her mind to the mind of the dead person and walk the mysterious corridors of the inner world of the victim. But what will be if you are stuck in other mind? Is there any chance to get out? If you connect your life to such complex work once, you will not leave it ever.

Welcome to the watching the TV show that tells about a dark skinned woman who is coping with new life. She always believed she was a strong and independent person. She never tried to live when others pay. And, especially, she never counted her husbands money. In addition, this woman knows that she has to seek to the well-being independently without any help. In truth, soon, her view of life is starting to feel like a feminist motto with which the main heroine goes through life. Who would have thought that she would decide to deal with manicure business that includes money-laundering?

We leave with you to the chic city of Los Angeles. It is here every day at the height of glory, various representatives of pop culture and show business are taken. In the center of the series is a well-known in all the United States of America scene, where most often come to perform various stand-up comedians and artists of a humorous genre. The main characters tell stories about life, laugh, they tell the audience about different experiences. Of course, they do all this in a humorous atmosphere with a good mood. It only remains to sit comfortably and listen to these funny merry guys. Enjoy your viewing, dear audience!

The main heroine of the series is a luxury beauty and a successful lawyer who has tied a relationship with a client who is either guilty or not guilty of violent crimes.

The main character of the series is a girl named Sarah. Her fate was very difficult. She does not remember much about her childhood. Almost nothing. She knows only that she does not have parents, and every single day was a test of strength. Now Sarah is already an adult, but still believes that the whole world is against herself. She is devoid of love, warmth, care. Only friendship warms. However, soon the life of the main character changes dramatically. She witnesses the suicide of a woman who, like two drops of water, looked like her. Sarah believes that this is a great chance to put herself in the place of the deceased and become a completely different person. But she does not yet know what it will turn out for her.