About the search for happiness in the paradise landscapes of New Zealand, where it is difficult to earn honest work. A twelve-year-old girl was found standing on her breast in ice-cold lake waters. She is five months pregnant and does not name the father of the child. The case is led by the detective Robin Griffin. During the investigation, she will face the father of the missing girl, drug lord and tutor of the local womens shelter.

Agents of the FBI special unit, that focuses on behavioral analysis, can track and neutralize the most dangerous criminals. They are called when ordinary criminalists come to a standstill. Instead of a review of forensic evidence they try to learn real crime motives discovering it from inside. These professionals study in depth every step of criminals, penetrate into their thoughts no matter how dark and terrible it is. They seek to predict criminals actions and stop new crimes.

This television series tells about queen Victoria from the time when she walked on a throne in a tender age of eighteen and till the time when prince Albert was courting her and their wedding. Today, nobody is surprised that this is Victoria who went down in history but not her husband. At that moment many people were sure even the greatest empires are able to be ruled by women in some period of their lives.

Ozzy Graham is the protagonist of the series. He is one of those who are usually called skeptics. The protagonist of this story never believes that he is sometimes told by eyewitnesses who claim to have seen something strange. For example, there are people who talk about aliens, but Graham just mocks them. Soon Ozzy receives the assignment from the editorial staff. He should prepare a report about people who were ever abducted by representatives of another civilization.

DJ Tanner-Fuller is a mother of two children and she will give birth to the third one shortly. She is recently widowed. Combining household chores and work in a vet clinic is hard. When she had learned she would never handle it alone she called her sister Stephanie and bset friend Kimmy who grows a teenager girl. The girls make a decision to move to DJ and make life easier in this way.

At the center of the plot is an ordinary family that one can find in any city and country. The main heroes are the members of this family living in Los Angeles. Quiet life had ended when father decided to tell his adult children the truth about himself. He has been hiding his transsexual propensity for many years. This revelation becomes a shock for all family members. Children always overreact after their parents secrets. They always think that they know their parents well.

William Shakespeare is a grandiose personality, known to every lover of literature. One of the brightest playwrights in England, who created a vast masterpieces. In this series we see a slightly different, rethought image of the great writer. William is a young man who is the representative of the punk movement in the middle of the sixteenth century, trying in every possible way to find expression in a world filled with religious fanatics unprepared for novelties of art by readers, and constant tension on the political stage. The project is filled with insanity, backed up by modern soundtracks and a bunch of jokes on various topics.

Priest Jesse Custer, by chance, became the bearer of a strange being called Genesis within his being. This child of copulation of the angel and the demon is both a pure ideal and the quintessence of light, but also a clot of absolute evil. Genesis is the only creature in the universe that can stand level with God, if it so desires, and its carrier automatically becomes the most powerful being in the material world. And that is preacher Caster.

In the center of attention is one of the most criminal cities. The story tells us about the criminal world and the police department of the city of Montreal. It seems that in order to bring order here, we need unrealistically steep cops. However, everyone comes to the service. Recently, this is how a strange couple of employees organized themselves, which is not that it does not look at all together, so they also conflict almost every day. The plot tells the audience about the daily life of two operatives, who involuntarily became partners, so now they tolerate each others antics. But, for the sake of work, they must endure!

1840s. Robert is surgeon and show man, who can amputate a leg in 92 seconds, performs in operating theater. John is a dentist fixated on drugs invents the first pain meds. Psychiatrist William applies an innovative method of mental treatment, a conversation with patients.