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What on Earth? (season 3)

What on Earth? season 3
Our planet is many thousands years old. Many things have happened on its territory during its lifetime. And the birth of the Earth was an incredibly violent and different from what is ever dawn the real life! But today, natural disasters and unforeseen catastrophe elude people. Today you will learn about the six largest and most dangerous natural phenomena that have occurred on our planet, not so long ago!
Original title: What on Earth?
Release date: 2015-02-10
Runtime: 60 min

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Download What on Earth? (season 3) episodes:

S03E01 Episode 1
Lost Treasures of the Grand Canyon

S03E02 Episode 2
Mystery in the Outback

S03E03 Episode 3
Riddle in the Ruins

S03E04 Episode 4
Stonehenge of the Holy Land

S03E05 Episode 5
Did We Find Flight 370?

S03E06 Episode 6
Gateway to Eden

S03E07 Episode 7
Dagger of Tutankhamun
Will be soon

S03E08 Episode 8
Raiders of the Holy Lance

S03E09 Episode 9
The Swastika Conspiracy

S03E10 Episode 10
Inside El Chapos Escape

S03E11 Episode 11
Ghost of Zorro

S03E12 Episode 12
Curse of the Sea Monster

S03E13 Episode 13
Strange Symbols in the Desert

S03E14 Episode 14
Bloody Secret of the Lost City

S03E15 Episode 15
Lost Empire of the Amazon

S03E16 Episode 16
Siberian Hell Pit

S03E17 Episode 17
Grand Canyon of the Arctic

S03E18 Episode 18
Hunt for El Dorado

S03E19 Episode 19
Forbidden Cities of the Maya

S03E20 Episode 20
The Curse of Merlin

S03E21 Episode 21
Mystery of the Mummy Desert
Will be soon

S03E22 Episode 22
Into the Unknown
Will be soon

S03E23 Episode 23
Forbidden Cities of the Maya
Will be soon

S03E24 Episode 24
Secrets and Lies
Will be soon

S03E25 Episode 25
The Curse of Merlin
Will be soon

S03E26 Episode 26
Forbidden Places
Will be soon

S03E27 Episode 27
Bibles Greatest Secrets
Will be soon

S03E28 Episode 28
Curses and Legends
Will be soon

S03E29 Episode 29
Strangest Things
Will be soon

S03E30 Episode 30
Expedition Truth
Will be soon

S03E31 Episode 31
Lost Worlds
Will be soon

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