The Royals (season 3)

The Royals season 3
The power and the wealth give unlimited abilities. The British royals have all of these things. Their lives are like a tale where every your wish will come true like magic. In public, they are happy, kind and democratic. But this is just a lovely wrapper. There are deception, insincerity, betrayal and other unpleasant things behind the luxury facade.
Country: US
Release date: 2015-03-16
Cast: , , , , , ,
Runtime: 42 min
Language: EN

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S03E01 Episode 1
Together with Remembrance of Ourselves

S03E02 Episode 2
Passing Through Nature to Eternity

S03E03 Episode 3
Aye, Theres the Rub

S03E04 Episode 4
Our (Late) Dear Brothers Death

S03E05 Episode 5
Born to Set it Right

S03E06 Episode 6
More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind
Will be on 2017-01-16

S03E07 Episode 7
The Counterfeit Presentment of Two Brothers
Will be on 2017-01-23

S03E08 Episode 8
In The Same Figure, Like The King Thats Dead
Will be on 2017-01-30

S03E09 Episode 9
O, Farewell, Honest Soldier
Will be on 2017-02-06

S03E10 Episode 10
Episode 10
Will be on 2017-02-13

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