Silent Witness (season 20)

Silent Witness season 20
English medical examiner provides invaluable assistance to the police in unraveling the most complex criminal cases. In front of you will appear a vivid example of selfless work of a specialist, which due to its professionalism and the desire to get to the truth makes all shudder underworld. The series Silent Witness is an extremely realistic picture of the investigative process and recommended to fans of the intricate detective stories.
Country: GB
Release date: 1996-02-21
Genres: ,
Runtime: 60 min
Language: EN

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Download Silent Witness (season 20) episodes:

S20E01 Episode 1
Identity (1)

S20E02 Episode 2
Identity (2)

S20E03 Episode 3
Discovery (1)

S20E04 Episode 4
Discovery (2)

S20E05 Episode 5
Remembrance (1)

S20E06 Episode 6
Remembrance (2)

S20E07 Episode 7
Covenant (1)
Will be on 2017-01-23

S20E08 Episode 8
Covenant (2)
Will be on 2017-01-24

S20E09 Episode 9
Awakening (1)
Will be on 2017-01-30

S20E10 Episode 10
Awakening (2)
Will be on 2017-01-31

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