Elementary (season 5)

Elementary season 5
Legendary investigator Sherlock Holmes keeps appearing with different looks and at different places. Now, he lives not in London but in New York. Sherlock has changed noble Britain to modern American streets. Many complicated cases are waiting for our hero and he will have to turn on his mind and his logic to the maximum.
Country: US
Release date: 2012-09-27
Genres: , ,
Crew: Christopher Silber
Cast: , , ,
Runtime: 45 min
Language: EN

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Download Elementary (season 5) episodes:

S05E01 Episode 1
Folie u00e0 Deux

S05E02 Episode 2
Worth Several Cities

S05E03 Episode 3
Render, and Then Seize Her

S05E04 Episode 4
Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling

S05E05 Episode 5
To Catch a Predator Predator

S05E06 Episode 6
Ill Tidings

S05E07 Episode 7
Bang Bang Shoot Chute

S05E08 Episode 8
How the Sausage Is Made

S05E09 Episode 9
It Serves You Right to Suffer

S05E10 Episode 10
Pick Your Poison

S05E11 Episode 11
Be My Guest

S05E12 Episode 12
Crowned Clown, Downtown Brown

S05E13 Episode 13
Over a Barrel
Will be on 2017-01-30

S05E14 Episode 14
Will be on 2017-02-20

S05E15 Episode 15
Will be soon

S05E16 Episode 16
Will be soon

S05E17 Episode 17
Will be soon

S05E18 Episode 18
Will be soon

S05E19 Episode 19
Will be soon

S05E20 Episode 20
Will be soon

S05E21 Episode 21
Will be soon

S05E22 Episode 22
Will be soon

S05E23 Episode 23
Will be soon

S05E24 Episode 24
Will be soon

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