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  1. greg

    hi can we get the deadwood series please

  2. Flo


    The Thundermans Season 4 Episode 8 the file availeble for Download is Episode 9 not Episode 8. Could you please fix it ?

    Thanks a lot

    • telly

      We will do it

    • telly


  3. greg

    hi could we get the earlier series of hell on wheels please

    • telly


      • greg

        thanks for that , any chance of series 2 and 3

        • telly

          Now we are uploading series 1, 2 nad 3. Wait a little

        • telly


  4. JA

    Taboo season 1 episode 4 – The file available for download is not the correct file. Please, check and provide the correct one. Thank you.

    • telly

      We will check. Thank you

    • telly


  5. TC

    Seem to be getting the message “504 – gateway timed out” every time I try to download from your links. Is there a problem from your end?

    • telly

      Please provide concrete links you tried to download and when the trouble has begun

  6. paul

    Why do so many downloads fail with the error file unavailable when it has been provided as a download – especially as premium payment says that file resume is supported?????

    • telly

      Would you please provide some examples?

  7. tina

    Your Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 05 is from Season11 episode 7

    • telly

      It was a mistake. Thank you very much. Feel free to point out our mistakes in future.

  8. Rhona March

    Hi i was wondering if you’ll be adding more episodes to season 3 of full cirlce?

    • telly

      We are sorry but other episodes are not available at the moment. We will upload them as soon as they are available.

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