Booze Traveler (season 3)

Booze traveler season 3
When Jack Maxwell worked at bar, he discovered that having a drink with a guest is the best way to know the inner world of a human. Soon he has liked this thing very much and he has begun to travel the continents tasting national alcohol to know the best way those people who has made this drink.
Original title: Booze Traveler
Country: US
Release date: 2014-11-24
Runtime: 60 min

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Download Booze Traveler (season 3) episodes:

S03E01 Episode 1
Spirits of Ol Mexico

S03E02 Episode 2
The Magic of Ireland

S03E03 Episode 3
On the Rocks

S03E04 Episode 4
Floridas Free Spirits

S03E05 Episode 5
A GDay Down Under

S03E06 Episode 6
South Korea: Mind Your Manners

S03E07 Episode 7
Twains Mighty Mississippi

S03E08 Episode 8
Arak-ing Trip Through Israel

S03E09 Episode 9
Drink in the Zen

S03E10 Episode 10
Colombia: Wayuu Wahoo and The Golden One

S03E11 Episode 11
Legendary Croatia

S03E12 Episode 12
Cuba: Kings of Cocktail
Will be on 2017-02-28

S03E13 Episode 13
Playing the Booze in Portugal
Will be on 2017-03-07

S03E14 Episode 14
The Force of Madagascar
Will be on 2017-03-14

S03E15 Episode 15
Siberia: Ice-olated Spirit
Will be on 2017-03-21

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