Arrow (season 5)

Arrow season 5
After the shipwreck a playboy millionaire Oliver Queen is disappeared and is counted dead for five years. After that, he is discovered alive in the lost pacific island. When Oliver comes back home his mother Moira, his sister Thea and his best friend Tommy are happy to see him alive. But everybody notice that Oliver Queen has changed a lot.
Country: US
Release date: 2012-10-10
Genres: , , , , ,
Cast: ,
Runtime: 45 min
Language: EN

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Download Arrow (season 5) episodes:

S05E01 Episode 1

S05E02 Episode 2
The Recruits

S05E03 Episode 3
A Matter of Trust

S05E04 Episode 4

S05E05 Episode 5
Human Target

S05E06 Episode 6
So It Begins

S05E07 Episode 7

S05E08 Episode 8
Invasion! (3)

S05E09 Episode 9
What We Leave Behind

S05E10 Episode 10
Who Are You?
Will be on 2017-01-26

S05E11 Episode 11
Second Chances
Will be on 2017-02-02

S05E12 Episode 12
Will be on 2017-02-09

S05E13 Episode 13
Spectre of the Gun
Will be on 2017-02-16

S05E14 Episode 14
The Sin-Eater
Will be on 2017-02-23

S05E15 Episode 15
Fighting Fire With Fire
Will be on 2017-03-02

S05E16 Episode 16
Will be soon

S05E17 Episode 17
Will be soon

S05E18 Episode 18
Will be on 2017-02-02

S05E19 Episode 19
Will be on 2017-02-09

S05E20 Episode 20
Will be on 2017-02-16

S05E21 Episode 21
Will be on 2017-02-23

S05E22 Episode 22
Will be on 2017-03-02

S05E23 Episode 23
Will be on 2017-03-09

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